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What is Al-Wafi?

Al-Wafi is an auto-search engine that compares tour and packages prices and offers of Hajj and Umrah provided to us by many different trusted Travel Agents.  We compare and display different offers from many travel agent’s tours and packages, we are not a party to any booking agreement between you and agents you book with. We do collect any payments for your tour (if booking go through our platform ‘’) and are not liable for the services offered by the travel agents and the service provider. Al-Wafi works with many Travel Agents worldwide and especially in Malaysia.

Does Al-Wafi responsible for packages information in the website?

NO, Al-Wafi is not responsible for any information of packages or services that has been uploaded by Third Party (Travel Agent).

Al-Wafi is ONLY responsible for the services tool to allow users comfortable to use our platform services and the way on how to display the contents. If we have a booking via our platform, Performers will be directed to Third Party (Travel Agent) to complete Travel’s procedures.

Note: All Bookings via is not REFUNDABLE once the booking confirmed.

How does Al-Wafi helps?

Al-Wafi is the best Platform for services/packages comparison tools which allow travel agents (Third Party) to grow in their businesses and Performers (People) to gain the perfect package for the trip.

Al-Wafi helps you in below ways;

  • Performers (People): Search, Compare & Make a deal
  • Travel Agent: Free registration, Smooth Platform to use, Upload services/packages and get more bookings.

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To whom should you contact if have any technical issue?

Yes, you may reach out via Contact Us or send email to [email protected] .

Please prepare the information of the issue as per below:

1- User Name:

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4- Describe your issue and difficulties.


Note: Our Technical Support will attend to your issue as soon as possible.

Al-Wafi Announcement

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Welcome to our humble website Al-Wafi Comparison

We point out to you some of the main points that you can understand while exploring our site.

The following are:
1- All Hajj and Umrah packages are for DISPLY ONLY for current time.
2- The responsibility of the information inside the site is under travel agents and not to the site's management.
3. Currently, All Hajj and Umrah packages are not purchasable due to Covid-19 as well as traveling permit is not announced yet.
4- Sign up with us for news and promotions
5- The management of Al-Wafi launched this site to serve pilgrim performers in coordinating their journeys and comfortable in the performance of their rituals prays.


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May Allah blessing you and have a great day

"اللّهم إنّا نعوذ بك من البرص، والجنون، والجذام، ومن سيئ الأسقام"